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"...On the Easter Saturday 2008, James Morrison again performed
an amazing concert for Godfest at the Manning Entertainment Centre
to a packed audience & rave reviews..."


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"GODFEST commenced in 1999 predominantely as a 5 day Christian Music Festival for all ages, but also incorporationg an Art Exhibition and Prize worth $2,500.00. In those days the premium paid for adequate public liability cover was $227.00

God always blessed GODFEST financially and each year we found the money needed.

In the following years the public liability premium rose a staggering 2000%. A new direction was needed, and many of the Churches of the Manning Valley joined GODFEST to enable it to grow into a month long celebration, incorporating many non-musical events, but continuing to cater for all ages.

By 2006 it was clear that insurance costs were continuing to escalate, so the Board decided GODFEST would change from an annual Festival to being entirely event-based throughout the year. At any time entertainment of a suitable nature was available, GODFEST will promote it, whether musical or not.

The other change, due now to the fact that local Churches and other Christian bodies were taking up some of the initiatives of GODFEST, the Board resolved that its emphasis would be primarily focused on youth.

GODFEST has also been blessed to receive financial support and has now invested such moneys as it has received, the interest which accrues upon such funds being partly applied to assist other small Christian ministries. Should you wish to apply for financial assistance, please click on the Application for financial assistance button to access an application form.  Click here to view details of some interesting Christian ministries Godfest has been able to assist:  Christian Ministries assisted by Godfest

GODFEST continues to follow whatever leading the Board feels God wishes it to go, and will continue to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in the Manning Valley and beyond."

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